Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And come the cries of "RACISM" from JacksonCo

Weis announces surge of police patrols

Hundreds of Chicago police officers will exchange paperwork for foot patrols in an attempt to quell violence that has resulted in a 12.7 percent increase in homicides so far this year.

"We live in a climate of violence right now," Weis said. "For whatever reason, people are picking up guns and shooting each other and, unfortunately, we have to come in and try to solve that problem from a law-enforcement angle."

In "Gun Free" Chicago? Unpossible.

And that 8yr old that was shot by gang-bangers the other day? Turns out daddy, a fellow gang-banger, was most likely the intended target. But here's what mamma had to say:

"We need to get these guns off the street," she said. "Innocent bystanders are getting shot over garbage going on in the streets, and these kids want to live."

No mamma, we need to get the garbage off the streets who are using guns to shoot innocent bystanders.

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Anonymous said...

A 12.7% increase in homicides? Well, that's not so bad....Chicago does have a population of 9.7 million you know......