Monday, June 23, 2008

Another "Gun Free Chicago" weekend..

8 people, including a boy, killed over weekend in Chicago area

At least eight people in Chicago and its suburbs were killed this weekend, some in what appeared to be accidents, but most in homicides involving guns criminals.

Police kill 2 men in separate South Side shootings

Police fatally shot a man Sunday night outside his Englewood home in the second fatal police-involved shooting of the day on the South Side and the eighth police-involved shooting since June 11.

Unpossible. Just unpossible.

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Unknown said...

I reckon that to solve this problem of violence, instead of actually doing something to put bad guys away for life the first time around, they should setup blockades in the middle of streets and keep people out for not having a "legitimate" reason to be passing through. That would be way easier, and it makes bureaucraps look good.

This did nothing for the violence in DC BTW.