Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Fat Lady

Well the Fat Lady is singing:

NO NOT ME you idiots. 130.ok .add 5 to 8 lbs. We can only hope she sings a tune that speaks of freedom.

In my travels I found some good news

Reuters: The highest U.S. court generally seemed supportive of the argument by opponents of the law that the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution does contain at least some form of an individual right to keep and bear arms. The court's four liberals seemed most sympathetic to the law during the arguments.
SCOTUSblog: The Supreme Court’s historic argument Tuesday on the meaning of the Constitution’s Second Amendment sent out one quite clear signal: individuals may well wind up with a genuine right to have a gun for self-defense in their home. But what was not similarly clear was what kind of gun that would entail, and thus what kind of limitations government cut put on access or use of a weapon.

Associated Press: A majority appears to support the view that the amendment protects an individual's right to own guns, rather than somehow linking right to service in a state militia. But it is less clear what that means for the District's 32-year-old ban on handguns, perhaps the strictest gun control law in the nation.

The Blog of Legal Times: Based on extended oral arguments this morning in the case D.C. v.. Heller, a substantial majority of the Supreme Court appears poised to declare that the Second Amendment protects some kind of individual right to bear arms. But how tethered that right is to the functioning of state militias is less clear at the end of vigorous debate and active questioning from all the justices -- except, as usual, Clarence Thomas who asked no questions. Only Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and possibly Stephen Breyer and David Souter appeared to question the individual rights view. At least some parts of D.C.'s gun control ordinance seemed in jeopardy. Justice Anthony Kennedy, always under the spotlight as a potential swing vote, seemed strongly convinced that the Second Amendment declares an individual right to bear arms "in addition to" the "very important" protection it contains for state militias.

USA TODAY: Several key justices, including Anthony Kennedy, suggested by their questions today that they believed the Second Amendment was rooted in a concern for Americans' ability to protect themselves. Kennedy referred to the "concern of the remote settler to defend himself and his family against hostile Indian tribes and outlaws, wolves and bears and grizzlies and things like that."

If a Supreme Court majority does broadly rule for an individual right to guns, the decision would dramatically reverse a trend in recent decades in lower courts that the Constitution protects gun rights associated with state militia. Such a decision would also spur new rounds of litigation over whether various gun regulations are constitutional.

I am sure that somewhere in the Chicago area, and in Paulie’s house there are long faces right now.

I just hope the final verdict is a good one. But that will simply be a small reprieve trust me the evil powers at the Brady cave, and the VPC Sewer are conjuring up a new move. We need to stay on our toes.



Anonymous said...

I'm so happy I might have to go home and shoot my beloved Kimber 1911 in honor of this good news.

(remember, I named the gun Melody)

Although totally premature, it looks like we could have a 6-3 or even 7-2 split in our favor. But it appears that Kennedy is on board.

Melody said...

Well Kavey I took my New Benelli Cordoba out for a round of trap tonight in Celebration, To return the honor I'll call it Kavey...Has a nice ring. But first time out I did not do so well with "Kavey" only 18 out of 25 Need to adjust the comb,also need to pattern it.He'll be fine.


Anonymous said...

I'm truly honored. I think most people who know me to any degree will agree that I love sarcasm and ironic jokes.

But I am sincere, I'm honored.