Friday, March 21, 2008

Sticks and rocks

Good Morning Boys and Girls:

It’s Friday and we have all had some good news this week. But back to reality, and the answer to the question,” what does a disarmed society look like”? One needs look little further than your TV remote, local paper, or the internet, a part of the world that gets very little attention under normal conditions. Tibet. No oil, no manufacturing plastic junk and shipping it to the US, Just Mountains, people and a ruthless invader. Yes the country that bought and paid for Bill Clinton, most likely bank rolling Hillary, and many of the “Progressives” I would not be surprised if the Joyce Foundation was not in their pockets as well.
China yes the same one sends lead tainted toys to this country.

The Tibetan people are not allowed to have firearms. They can not fight back; China has admitted to killing four, some unofficial sources have the numbers 80 to 360. These people are bravely standing and defending themselves with rocks and sticks against an army with modern weapons. This would be the dream for the left and the anti firearm anti freedom groups.

I would suggest everyone take a long look, this holy weekend. Thank God for where you live. Thank the few who stand to protect this country. And the freedom we enjoy.

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