Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March 18th

Hello Boys and Girls:

Are you all ready? Today is March 18 a day that could decide if we are still a free nation with a working constitution, or have we digressed in to a nanny state, of socialism, where a minority decides what rights we should or should not have.

I have never felt that gun control is about safety, or saving lives. It is simply about control. I look at our representatives that push gun control, and a funny similarity emerges. They are all “Limousine liberals” Example: Barbara Boxer, Millionaire, funneling contracts to her husbands company, and a concealed carry license holder. Yet wants all out handgun bans to you and I.

This is all too familiar, and common a profile. I have asked the question, what has happened to our country? I have seen a quantum shift since the 1960’s in personal liberty’s and the scary part, the ones that are advocating the nanny state are the same ones protesting during the 60’s for freedom.

I recall my Grandfather, saying that LBJ’s war on poverty was actually a war on the middle class. I did not understand it at the time but oh do I understand now. I have seen a marked increase in crime, and I would directly attribute it to the lack of personal responsibility. We were all told when we were kids “Nothing comes for free”. “Work builds Pride” And you thought it was just noise when you were young. But how true those words are.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed, for a good verdict.


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