Monday, March 17, 2008

And for IL hunters who STILL don't think they're on the "list"..

Naomi Jackobsson, the same woman that sponsored HB4349 Ammo Encoding, is a member of the Illinois Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus.

Can we say Fifth Column boys and girls?

So yes. You'll keep your bolt-action rifle. However you'll be paying $5 per round and saying "Thank you Sir" that it wasn't more.


Anonymous said...

So you're saying the guys who stepped up and got the State Police to start issuing FOID cards on time again are a bunch of hacks for the other side who are pretending to be pro-gun?

Take a minute and step back. Think. Now, outline, if you truly believe that the vast majority of the caucus is secretly out to take your guns, exactly what evidence you have.

If you are familiar at all with caucuses, you'll know that they have no control over members. Sometimes unfriendly people will join for unknown reasons. I can assure you, they are not active members, nor do they ever have their hand in policy for the caucus.

So, lay down your evidence.

I suspect other than one questionable member supporting a bad bill, you have none.

Perhaps the lack of evidence may convince you to no longer attack the caucus and, by default, the very pro-gun members who are fighting for your rights.

Thirdpower said...

Wow, can we say Knee-Jerk?

Perhaps I meant that Rep. Jakobsson was the 5th column in the Caucus?

Really. Relax a little.

Anonymous said...

Your post certainly asserted that it was the caucus given that you chose to link to a definition about subversive organizations.

So, are you saying you're correcting the definition that you purposefully chose?

Thirdpower said...

Is there a reason you're looking for a conflict over how you chose to read into something?