Thursday, March 20, 2008

3 Second Trigger Locks?

Not according to Maryland Governor Parris Glendening. Here's the transcript from 2000 on CNN when they showed the press release of him taking over 2 minutes to open one:

The National Rifle Association has lined up its sights on this bill. A television commercial produced by the NRA took advantage of Maryland Governor Parris Glendening's two minutes of fumbling while he tried to demonstrate to reporters the ease of using the locking device.


NARRATOR: Glendening wants an integrated trigger lock on your handgun.

GOV. PARRIS GLENDENING (D), MARYLAND: Part of my job here is to show, in theory, how easy this is. It should be very simple.

NARRATOR: But if your family's in danger, how much time will you have to unlock the firearm you depend on for protection.

Tell Speaker Taylor that you oppose integrated trigger locks...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Push the back piece to the side again.

NARRATOR: ... because your safety is no laughing matter.



FRAZIER: The governor said later he should have been trained in the proper use of the locking device before he took it before a news conference.

LIN: Maryland's full House will vote on the bill next week, and if it passes the governor will, of course, sign it.

And look who else happened to be featured in the same article. Ed Shultz, the Smith & Wesson CEO who sold out the company to the Clintons and John Rosenthal of an anti-gun alliance in Massachusetts has met with Shultz over the years.

There's also a comment from a Glock VP about good ol' (former) Gov. (then AG) Spitzer:

You know, I think it was General Spitzer himself who told me that, you know, we are going to have bankruptcy lawyers knocking at our door if we didn't kowtow to his extortion.

FRAZIER: Eliot Spitzer, attorney general of New York?

JANNUZZO: Yes, sir.

Then there's our buddy Dennis Henigan who, in 1998, couldn't open one either:

"At a recent antigun conference in Chicago, Mr. Henigan, who is the top lawyer with Handgun Control Inc., the country's largest gun control organization, waved a version of the [Saf T Lock], extolling how easy it is to operate. Then, punching in what he thought was the correct combination, the lawyer failed to unlock the gun, much to the evident discomfort of the sympathetic audience." He excused his failure with the words, "Even if a klutz like me fumbles on the first try, the benefits of having a lock outweigh the risks." (Barrett, "A Simple Invention Points Up Complexity of Gun-Control Suits," Wall Street Journal, 4/23/99, A1).

Apparently even SCOTUS judges know more about firearms than anti-gun advocates.


Anonymous said...

Do you have the actual video link?

I need a good laugh today.

Thirdpower said...

Been looking. Haven't found it yet. When I do, I'll get it posted.