Sunday, November 6, 2016

Dindu Nuffin/BLM vs CPD/CFD

Two Narratives:

Police and Firefighters:
Group in a car on the way from a gang funeral block a fire department driveway and attack the firefighters/police when told to move.  Dindu pulls out a gun and refuses to put it down, getting ventilated for his troubles.

Family:  Off Duty Cop cuts off car and tries to run it off the road, pointing his gun at various people in the car and shooting Dindu for no reason.

Lots of problems w/ the family's story(ies... they change a bit depending on who's talking).

He had a CCW?  He was from Indy.  IL does not recognize IN CCW so did he have one of the insanely expensive 'Non-Resident' versions?  Did he have an IN CCW and didn't know IL didn't recognize it? Is the family flat out lying?

If the first version is more accurate, why was he brandishing a firearm on a firefighter?

If the second version is more accurate, how did the firefighters get involved and get injuries?
Was Dindu dragged out of the car and shot as one person said, was he shot while pulling out his gun to defend the family member who was being threatened by the off duty, or standing w/ his hands up? Which is it? 

Of course the family immediately starts calling for the 'Ghetto Lottery'. BLM shows up, tweets from them talking about 'assassination' and 'execution' while canvassing the neighborhood for 'witnesses' (iow, showing blurry video to anyone they can find). Again, stories change depending on who they're interviewing. In one, they're sitting in a Burger King, minding their own business while being harassed, in another, they're outside w/ banners across the street from 'Blue Lives Matter' flags.

Unfortunately for them, Mt. Greenwood is also known as 'Coptown' and the BLM presence was not taken well.

The varying stories:


UPDATE:  The various family stories about him being dragged out of his car or being shot w/ his hands up?  Not so much:

and now that the family's been caught lying, they've lawyered up and clammed up. 

Of course the other 50 shootings that took place across the city over the weekend don't matter.

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Anonymous said...

Beal had a prior conviction after being convicted at trial by a jury for pistol-whipping another motorist involved in a minor traffic accident.

The offense was a misdemeanor.