Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Now that the circus is over, I’ll give my thoughts. Too many sensitive snowflakes on both sides that I’m friends w/ up until now.

This has been the most entertaining election that I can remember. 2000 had the Florida drama but that was just at the end and I got real tired of hearing about ‘hanging chads’ and ‘dimples’. This one though, this one couldn’t have come out more like an election drama movie if it had been scripted. I mean seriously, secret documents being released. Hacking. Sex. Indictments. Riots. Firebombings. You name it.

Last night was just as much drama. It was a real nail biter up until the end. How many of the last elections I’ve turned off early evening because enough ‘swing states’ had already decided the issue I can’t remember.But now that season of American Elections is done and we begin a new season of drama in February.

On to the candidates.

Trump: A good friend of mine put up this comment:
“Once again, the Republicans chose the one candidate who could lose to the Democrats.
They lucked out this time. Probably.”
I’m going to disagree w/ him on this. People who tend to vote republican chose this candidate who was actually able to excite a large amount of the voter base. Had it been up to the GOP establishment/elite, they would have chosen another spineless, milquetoast RINO who would only have won if the DNC managed to put up a candidate that couldn’t inspire their voters to bother to show up either. R leaners also have been frustrated w/ the GOP repeatedly backing down from challenges and forgetting their promises. That, combined w/ the constant condescending attitudes shown towards ‘flyover country’ from both the DNC and GOP, turned a lot of people out for a person seen as not part of the establishment whether real or imagined. That’s the main reason I gave him my vote, certainly not because I ‘like’ him or his ideas. A big middle finger to the GOP party heads. Unfortunately that comes to my next quote by another associate:
“Donut gets you a dollar that, win or lose, the GOP comes away from this sh!tstorm with exactly the wrong lessons.”
The GOP is known as the stupid party for a reason. They will likely grab defeat out of the jaws of victory over the next few years leading to a switch in the House and/or Senate in ’18 and ’20

Hillary: She is part of the ‘Evil’ party. I honestly think she would have done nothing but increase her power base and influence no matter who got in the way. Lots of ‘accidents’ and ‘suicides’ for those who try. Staged riots, money laundering, the whole email fiasco. This is a person who puts horse heads in beds. This was hers to lose and she done lost it. Can’t say I’m upset.

And I honestly think the DNC is going to get even nastier next time around. Those third parties had better watch out because both major parties are going to do everything they can to crush them in ’20.

I’ve seen sore winners on the GOP side and a lot of people acting like the ‘Leave Brittney Alone’ guy on the DNC side. Overall though, the sun will continue to rise and the majority of us will continue to live our lives as we do every day. Most likely the GOP w/ f@ck it up by pushing social issues they 'think' matter instead of working on the economy. . I don’t think there’s going to be a nuclear war although there will continue to be conflicts especially in the even more destabilized Middle East.

Some issues will move forward, some will slow down or stop for the time being. It will be interesting to see how Trump, who's not beholden to GOP drawstrings, will deal w/ the establishment heads. Which sides will be the foot draggers and blockers, which will start working w/ him.

I have to say though that my absolute favorite part of the whole fiasco is that EVERY professional poll, pundit, and media analyst were completely and totally dead wrong. Just goes to show what ‘polls’ really mean when you have 320m+ people as diverse as we are.

The drama is just beginning.

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Cookie said...

One thing that got me was they were quoting state polls with a sampling as low as 300 people. I know people don't like to answer polls but maybe they should try a little harder.

Thirdpower said...

Heard on the radio today that 'Democratic pollers' are blaming the undersampling of 'non-college educated whites' for the discrepancy. IOW it's all those knuckle-dragging, cousin-humping rednecks' fault.