Friday, November 11, 2016

Ancient Dread: Assault on L'Huath Cont.


Shadowy shapes on shore during the night. Remnants of the enemy villagers no doubt. No attack by them. We seem to have cowed them for now. Strange dreams of villages and odd necklaces. We’ve decided we’ll keep moving at night so they can’t rally their forces. Rod however is reluctant to stand watch at night because she has problems seeing. During the day, a few stray arrows were clumsily lobbed towards us but nothing of any consequence. The next day they got their dander up and, after a few miscarried attempts, decided to start dropping rocks on us after we entered a ravine. Rod flew up and dispatched the ones on the right while I started on the ones on the left but not before they managed to drop a rock on the boat, killing one of our ‘young bucks’ and putting a hole in the hull.

The pathetic attack by the tribesmen was nothing compared to what we saw next… a bask of very large crocodiles. Throwing chunks of the snake meat seemed to keep their interest away from us except for a pair that decided to follow along for some easy meals. It took awhile to tack through some rapids but we succeeded. Soon after we saw the volcano which King tells us is named Wannahackaloogi. It seemed fairly quiet but the closer we approached, the warmer the air and water was along w/ a smell of sulfur in the air.

Closing to the shore, it looked like there may have been a dock in some distant past and there were stairs carved into the side. King decided to come with us but the rest of the crew chose to stay w/ the boat. Our ‘Young Bucks’ have had their first taste of death and it is ash in their mouths. We climbed the 500’ walk and discovered an entrance to what appears to be an ancient Dwarven crafted cavern. A humanoid skeleton is visible in the distance and seems to have died violently, running from some unknown threat. After a rest, we will venture in.

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