Friday, June 24, 2016

I'm a Gun Owner Butt....

This one's a 'Nam Vet who thinks that 'civilians' shouldn't be able to have an opinion on firearms because he 'knows'... since he used one in Vietnam. Yeah, that should give you a clue to the rest of the article right there.

He doesn't explain why 'assault weapons' are 'too dangerous' or for 'assault' but they are because he knows. 

And he has a CCW. 

Lots of other Vets, combat and otherwise, disagree.  Those that actually know that 'Assault Weapons' were NOT used in 'Nam or any other time in the military. 

We also now know that he's an ignorant fool.

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harp1034 said...

I too am a Nam vet. I own AR-15s and I disagree with this vet. I am pro gun rights all the way.
Unlike this moron I volunteered for the Army and also for Viet Nam. I even had to get my 1st Sgt. to pull some strings so I could go to Viet Man. I have no regrets and would do it again in a heart beat if I had it to do over.
Maybe this other guy should give up his guns. Why have a concealed carry permit if are not going to carry.

tkdkerry said...

Got to love the comments. They pretty much all shredded his ass, and rightfully so.