Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day

So the 'Powers asked me what I wanted for Father's Day.  I said "Let me sleep in, feed me, and I'm going shooting".

I get woken up this morning.... early.... to 4thpower Bravo having made breakfast for me.  Eggs, sunny side up, and toast.  She also had a gift for me. Something she'ld been working on yesterday that was 'top secret' but it involved spent bullet casings and hot glue.  I was afraid.

She comes out w/ a collection of bullet push pins.

She went to church w/ her grandmother so the boys and I went out for some lead flinging. Marlin, Dragunov, and AK (along w/ a bbgun) were the flingers of choice:

 Importance of wearing eye protection.  A Dragunov casing ricocheted off a tree:

Alpha was up next.

And 5thpower:

Heading to the pool shortly.  Then out for dinner w/ the CinC, Warcraft, then home to catch GoT.

Update. Warcraft rocked. 

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drjim said...

Happy Father's Day!

kahr40 said...

Yeah I thought so too. I don't understand all the critic hate toward Warcraft.