Thursday, June 23, 2016

Congressional Democrats Dedicated to Gun Control

The infamous pic of the sit in:
Some quotes from the floor:
Pelosi said later the sit-in would continue "until hell freezes over."
"New Day" broadcast his livestream and asked Takano about it. "We're going to stay," the California Democrat said.

 "I am tired, I am cold, and I am hungry. Let me remind everyone watching how privileged I am to be tired, cold, and hungry," he said. "These are feelings that I am privileged to have because so many will never feel that again," referring to victims of gun violence.
 Guess he missed the buffet provided.  Others had pillows, he should have asked for a blanket.

And from the latest Brady Campaign to Beg for Money email:

Almost 200 members of Congress took shifts in a historic sit-in at the U.S. Capitol,
Pillows, catering, taking shifts.... I can just hear it...


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