Saturday, December 19, 2015

Star Wars ep VII: The Force Awakens; a Perspective (No Spoilers)

Saw the movie last night.  I entered the theater cautiously optimistic (remembering the burn that was Ep I) and came out giddy.  Most of the reviews I've seen from friends have put it in the top tier of the SW films w/ V (ESB) normally being the #1.  Only a few have been outright negative w/ some valid concerns.  Some things to take into context/perspective before you see the film and after if you didn't enjoy it for the same reasons.

The 3D effect was the best I've seen so far.  Some films seem to promote it as an after thought. I ducked a few times during the show. 

The visualizations were outstanding.  Imperial/First Order gear looks even more evil than it did in the original trilogy.

Don't take it seriously.  SW was originally a one shot cowboy drama in space.  They are all 'kids' movies, some more-so than others.  While some scenes may be a bit more 'adult', overall they are designed as adolescent science fiction.

Don't overthink the films.  Yes there are plot holes in all of them nor are they 'hard' science fiction.  If you try and pick them apart as such you will only end up not liking them.

If you are as much of a movie-hound as I am, there is no such thing as an original plot or story.  You will be able to pick out bits or figure out what's going to happen in almost ANY film.  SW7 is not different.  You will see heavy elements from the original trilogy.

There is no Jar Jar so no matter what it is better than Ep I. 

Take the movie for what it is and enjoy a return to your childhood.

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