Sunday, December 13, 2015

I'm On A List

NSA, FBI, BATFE, Santa.... all sorts of lists. 


Well I committed an act that will likely flag me on all of them. 

I bought two handguns in a week. 

Shocking I know. Obviously an ISIS inspired plot to end American civilization. 


They're Xmas gifts for the C-in-C and my mom*.

First up in the C-in-C's new carry piece.  Looking at various easily cocked semi-auto's, we decided on a Walther model.  The PK380 was her first choice but that would include me having to buy new food to feed it.  Instead we went w/ a CCP in 9mm, purchased used from my buddy Caleb. She asked "What if I don't like it?".  Well thankfully guns are non-consumables and I already have two people interested in it if it isn't preferred.

Also during Thanksgiving, I did a check on my mom's little KelTec P32.  We discovered she couldn't pull the slide back on it anymore so we did some discussion on what should replace it.  A revolver was chosen.  At the show last week, I found a Ruger LCR in .22lr from Zancha Guns.  Not much but w/ her arthritis it's about all she can handle and it's better than nothing. 

A family that shoots together stays together. 

*all laws followed.

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