Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Xmas Gift

A bit back I had the chance to order a very rare and unique die.  I decided I was worth it (and anyone who knows me would agree) so went ahead w/ it.

What was this unique die?  Why one that would be the envy of any caveman gamer.  A 20-sider made out of Mammoth tusk ivory from Artisan Dice.  I received it last night and my other neanderthalic group members wailed and gnashed their teeth in jealousy.

I risked one (very gentle) christening roll.  A 17.  So not only a piece of are but also potentially lucky.

The full set included a cedar case, Cert. of Authenticity w/ spare chip in case of testing, and an extra die of which I'm getting details on made of 'Red Heart' for the long wait.It rolled a nat 20.

If I win the lottery, I would love to get a set of the Rosewood or Bogwood dice.

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Allen said...

my girlfriend already wants the purple heart dice, and she doesn't even play.

I need to stop showing her stuff like this LOL

Anonymous said...

Get ready for a visit from the US Fish and Wildlife Service.
Their idiocy knows no bounds.