Saturday, November 7, 2015

Not So Innocent 'Victims'; Little Chicago Cont.

So last week I posted video of another 'mob action' in the Charleston, IL Walmart. Two or three individuals were jumped by a larger group. According to reports, it stemmed from from an old dispute at their Chicago area high school.

A bunch of warrants are out the the ones involved and the victims?  Well, they're not innocent either.
At the residence hall, three women told police that three other women tried to force their way into the room and one sprayed one of the women in the room with pepper spray, the records say.
 Bolden and Brown are also among those listed as the alleged victims in mob action charges against the three people for whom warrants were issued in connection with the Walmart fight.
So the ones that got jumped, instead of letting their attackers take the fall, decide to double up on the stupid and assault them back in a college dorm using a weapon.  So now they're not only facing felony charges but being kicked out of school.  Every one of them needs to be kicked out of the town and sent back to Chicago where they can act like morons to their heart's content.

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