Sunday, November 8, 2015

Cook County Ammo Tax Proposal @ToniPreckwinkle

Multiple sources, including SCC and GSL, are reporting that the Cook County Board of Commissioners will propose an ammo tax tomorrow 11/9/15 at a 'special session' meeting.  The tax is reportedly going to be .01/round rimfire and .05/rnd centerfire in order to pay for 'gun violence'.  All the while, prosecutors like States Attorney Anita Alvarez are giving violent criminals slaps on the wrists and releasing them back onto the streets.

We all know that when it passes, that not a dime of this money will go towards 'gun violence' and will effectively be dumped down the toilet like millions more tax dollars in waste, fraud, and abuse while firearm owners continue to be blamed for the incompetence of government and rampant gang-banging thugs.

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