Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Two Tales of a Dindu Nuffin

As I mentioned yesterday, a completely legit defensive shooting in Chicago.  Of course the family of the criminal wants to get paid.
Oronsaye also said the shooter needed to be punished for killing a member of the community.
“You just took a brother, you just took a father from a lot of people. Somebody’s got to answer for that,” he said.
He's been watching too many movies and video games:
“Some people don’t actually know how to use guns,” Oronsaye said. “They go to firing ranges, but it’s not the same as a bullet going into someone’s body, it’s not the same as a bullet going into flesh. They should be able to wound first, kill next. He didn’t deserve to get shot multiple times.”
He's correct on one thing.  He has no idea how to use guns, except maybe aimed sideways.

 And the Washington Post makes up a story of a 'Halloween Prank gone wrong'
occurred on Halloween and involved a man in a mask with a fake gun
Was the shooting a Halloween prank gone horribly wrong?” he asks.
All the while talking up the criminal and denigrating the firearm owner.

The Chicago Sun-Times lists the criminal as a 'victim' w/ a subjective header:
 Suspected robber Reginald Gildersleeve was carrying a paintball gun when a customer with a concealed carry permit shot him to death in a grocery store on the Southwest Side, Chicago Police said Monday.
No mention of him threatening/assaulting the family.

Now how do the owners feel?  What do they think?
In a telephone interview Monday night, the store's co-owner, Pina Cabrales, said Gildersleeve worked with her at the store in 2011 and that over the years he would come in asking for money.
She said she last saw him Oct. 25 when he came in asking for cash and she gave him $20. He was in tears.
"I told him to take the money and never to return," she said. "I don't like to see anyone suffer, especially a man who is in tears."
When she heard that Gildersleeve had held a gun to her child's head, she felt betrayed.
"I see him as the angel God put here to protect my family," Cabrales said.
So this 'church-going', 'turning his life around' lifelong criminal gets his money cut off, then terrorizes the family that he had been 'close' too for so many years in order to steal from their livelyhood.  What kind of a person does that?

And acting the apologist for his actions will just enable more. 

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