Monday, November 9, 2015

Why Are Anti-Gun Activists So Violent?

During one of the typical 'debates' on the book of face, (goodfacts vs realfacts, evidence vs feelings, the usual), the original poster (OP) posted a screencap of part of the discussion at the top of his page so it could be continued.  It happened to include part of a picture of his opponent, a fervent anti-gun fanatic, which she took umbrage to. 

This is how she retaliated in kind:

Since I did not see the posts directly (as the person in question had already been banned), I have removed the name and won't link, JIC.  Still, the obvious projection is there.  Instead of asking for the pic to be taken down, she immediately responds by threatening the infant child of the OP.

Imagine what she would do if she had a firearm and someone upset her. 

Gun control is a mental illness.

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Jason H said...

Gun control is definitely a mental illness. Bizarre about the website the poster wanted to post the picture to; I wonder how many the poster knew of right off of the top of their head...

Billll said...

Demands for gun control are certainly symptoms of a mental illness. The good news I guess is that the wannabe controller recognizes that he/she has a problem, probably with anger management. The problem for the rest of us is when the wannabe suggests that a solution for one is treatment for all.