Saturday, September 26, 2015

Why Are Anti-Gun Activists So Violent (and Bigoted)?

Some of the comments on the article mentioned here:
NRA members should have a "Purge" monthly where they can off themselves till none are left. First purge should be NRA president.

Charles lives in Southwest Texas The rest of the country knows what that means.

 Of are from Texas. Another person who should be sitting in the next theater that gets the wrong visitor.

 Guns are for killing people, that is their only use

 But since you are from texas, your stunning level of ignorance is to be expected.

 maybe when enough children of the gun manufacturers have been shot they will catch up with the modern world.

 With 100,000,000+ gun owners--the nation is held hostage by anyone of them deciding to go psyhco demented with that gun they have a 'right' to own....
 It is UNAMERICAN Normal people don't defend rabid gun freaks. Society was safer before evil entered "gun" owners

  A gun has no other use except killing people. Your argument is royally flawed. At the very least they could make sure they are not selling that shit to whack jobs but oh no that's against some 200+year old piece of paper that should be burnt and rewritten.
you cannot have an adult conversation with gun fanatics and they, unfortunately, are the ones always commenting on these threads. They are a strange breed of very angry, paranoid, and miserable people. They lack all common-sense and will not reasonably compromise. What's most infuriating and scary at the same time is their total lack of empathy for victims of gun violence. They truly value their guns and bullets over human beings, so much so, that they can't even comment in a reasonable manner. They are rude, often crude, and use the same old rhetoric constantly. They are so afraid of losing their guns, that they haven't even noticed they are losing their minds. Trying to converse with these types is completely useless.

Prime reasons to own/carry a gun w/ these kind of violent personalities walking around.  You never know.

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Braden Lynch said...

"They lack all common-sense and will not reasonably compromise."

My response: How do I lack common sense because I do not believe in the fairy tales of gun free zones, that the police will be there in time to stop all crimes, that magazine limits and one gun a month limits impact violent crime and that licensing, registration, and back ground checks deter criminals one iota?

How about compromise? Well, since I doubt the idiot who wrote this wants to compromise and give up even a tiny bit of their First Amendment rights to spout BS or to practice their religion, then I should also have the right to be unreasonable on the compromise of the Second Amendment.

Joe Huffman said...

I'd be okay with our gun laws being in the middle. I wouldn't be comfortable with the extremes on either end of the gun control debate.

The problem is that probably not one in a hundred thousand people know where the true extremes are.