Friday, September 25, 2015

The Stupidity of Anti-Gun Activists & 'Gun Free Zones'

Over the last few years, there has been a marked increase in the drug and criminal culture in the college town near me, most but not all imported from Chicago.  Being a college town in a rural area, the locals tend to be your usual mix, many of whom are gun owners.  The college kids however are mostly your typical suburbans, naive and unarmed. 

Obviously this is a thug's wet dream and the predicted results have occurred over the last few weeks
CHARLESTON (JG-TC) -- A robbery was reported at the basketball courts near the W lot on the Eastern Illinois University campus at 3:58 p.m. Sunday, making it the fourth robbery reported since Sept. 13 in Charleston.
Three of the robberies have been reported on campus and one in the city. No arrests have been related to any of the crimes, according to law enforcement authorities.
In the comments, someone suggested campus carry.  The response is again typical of a hysterical anti.
Great idea. We can have armed robberies instead. Maybe even some shootouts on campus. How about requiring all students and faculty to carry M-16s as a deterrent? While the increase of guns ALWAYS results in higher deaths by guns, we will all feel safer knowing that the gun industry will have higher profits just like the 2nd amendment intended.
So allowing legally vetted adults over the age of 21 is upgrading to armed robberies and everyone being issued 'M-16's" followed by the typical 'gun industry' talking points.

I guess ignorance is his shield.

Well at least some of the thugs have been caught
CHARLESTON (JG-TC) -- The Police Department has arrested six Charleston juveniles in regard to the strong-arm robberies that have taken place between Aug. 16 and Sept. 20, according to a media statement.
“The investigation led to charges of residential burglary, battery and weapons offenses from multiple incidents on multiple locations and dates,” according to a CPD press release.
So a mob of them assault unarmed college students and they were already illegally armed.  Who wants to wager that these wonderful children were all honor students out getting milk for their grandma while on their way to choir practice?

According to the anti-gun/criminal empowerment zone mindset, it's fine to let criminals run around until their caught and actually punished under our increasingly failing 'justice' system but honest citizens are not allowed to protect themselves because to do so would somehow cause the criminals to get worse.

That makes sense.

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