Monday, September 28, 2015

Talk About A 'Backfire'

So overtly hostile and aggressive anti-gun fanatic w/ misogynistic tendencies edits a video of pro-rights advocate Dana Loesch, making it end w/ her shooting herself.  Apparently the height of humor in gun control circles:
Well Ms. Loesch not only responds, but turns the entire thing upside down on the aptly named 'Pin Head':
And every hate Tweet I receive? I’m going to donate to the NRA in that person’s name AND buy myself another box of ammo.

So the 'Pin Head' not only ended up giving pro-gunners another example of why one should carry but got the NRA hundreds in donations and a whole bunch of new members. 

And Mr. 'Pin Head'? He resumes his expected eloquence.

Pin Head @TomAdelsbach
(No, you joined the NRA because your penis is so small it's immeasurable.) 

I'm sure Ladd and Shannon are proud of their boy. 

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Braden Lynch said...

Hmm..who is classy here and who is a toad. Hint: Pin head lives up to his name.

Richard Jennings said...

Yeah, he does, since he went for the tiny dick joke, and Dana is a girl.