Sunday, August 2, 2015

#GenCon2015 Day2b: Wait? Who Are You?


Some of the best Drow costumes I've seen:
Walking down the hallway, I saw a guy wearing and OGRE shirt.  Him seeing my hat, we got to talking. When I mentioned that I supported Nihon, the lady w/ him asked "Wait? Who are you again?"  Turned out she was Jen Atkinson, Line Editor for OGRE at SJGames.

A very long wait at the Battletech simulators from  the old 'VirtualWorld' sites resulted in me getting my @ss kicked 5 ways to Sunday.  10th out of 13.  Ah well.  It's been 20 yrs since I've done it.  Then up to a screening of Gamers3: Hands of Fate introduced by Carol Roscoe, Brian Lewis and Steven Wolbrecht. and a photo of me w/ Ben Dobyns.

I had to skip out on the end because it was running late and I had a ticket for the premier of Chaldea: War Room, an up-coming web series.    The art and production were very good and the story was entertaining. Definitely worth a watch when it comes online.  I got the DVD since I had a ticket and the spawnlings watched it first thing when I got home.  "This is really good' and 'This is exciting' were two comments.

After the showing I went back to the room to collapse.  Even at 1am, things were hopping:

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