Saturday, August 1, 2015

#GenCon 2015 Day 2a: Swag & Autographs

Have spent most of the day in the Vendor's Hall, wandering around, getting autographs, picking up 'needs' and a few 'wants', and chatting w/ as many people as possible.

 Kevin Siembieda from Palladium books.  Spend quite awhile talking with him about systems, players, GM'ing, trolls, etc.  he did answer one burning question for me.  W/ the 'Earth Defenders' minis coming out, I asked him why he went w/ the T-55 tank instead of the more modern T-72 or T-90.  His response?  Because it looked the coolest.    Works for me.

The KS/Con exclusives assembled and mostly painted.  They are really nice minis.

Jolly Blackburn of Kenzerco w/ my signed copy of the 25th Anniv. of KODT. I asked him if there was any more in the drama over the KODT Live Action and he told me the KS organizer has 'gone silent'.

And my gamers/Zombie Orpheus Entertainment bonanza:
 Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe from Gemers Live and Sarah Sanders-Ode from House Rulez
 Christian Doyle and Steve Wolbrecht w/ a special message for a friend.

Carol Roscoe, Brian Lewis, Nathan Rice, Steven Wolbrecht, Christian Doyle.

From Steve Jackson Games:

I got a personal demo of the OGRE card game prototype which is being finalized now.  This is going to be one of my purchases when it hits the shelves.
 Phil Reed and Andrew Hackard

Howard Taylor drawing in Schlock Mercenary #11

 John Kovalic signing the T-shirt verboten at the local elementary school:


some Cosplay:

More after I get some food in me and my feet stop hurting as much.

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