Monday, August 3, 2015

#GenCon2015 Day 3: The Ugly, Bald One

Started out the day fairly casual.  After hauling stuff to the car and settling the bill, I went to the showing of the House Rulez series, a bizarre mock 'Reality Show' made many years ago but just recently finished.  After, they had a Q&A session w/ Ben Dobyns, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Nathan Rice and Chris Ode.

Christian Doyle and Monica Zelak (Natural 1) in the hallway:
 I finished off the day by watching a selection of ZOE/DG short films, mostly produced through their patreon system.  Syphilitic Vampire Ninjas. I will be signing up for this.

Also they are planning on the KS for Journey Quest Season 3 in January and Gamers: The Series ASAP.

One cannot leave GenCon w/o buying dice.  This year it was difficult.  I couldn't find any that really 'wow'ed' me and I have tons of generic commons.  They guy at Chessex hooked me up:
Black/Starlight/Red (CHX26458).  Beautiful and go perfectly w/ my new dice tower.

Also got a few GenCon 15 specials and souvenirs for the spawn from Crystal Caste.

And w/ that my Con was over.  :(  Now to save up for next year.

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Old NFO said...

Looks like fun was had!

Old NFO said...

Looks like fun was had!