Friday, July 31, 2015

GenCon2015 Day 1: YOUR Bell Sucks!!

I have arrived.  Made good time on the road but almost forgot about the time difference again. A quick refresher shower and some organization then a short trip to the floor before one of two main events for the evening.

With only a little while, two tables were closest to the door.

The Chaldea booth w/ Jen Page (I have tickets for tomorrow night):

And the guys from Dog Might Games.  Makes of some sweet wood gaming accessories:

 I picked up that monocromatic blue beauty in the middle.  More pics later.

 We chatted for a bitbefore I had to run off and get in line for Gamers Live: Curse of the Blind Swordsman.  The title of the post is a reference to a line in it.  It was fully videoed w/ sound effects and crowd participation.  A few very short clips from it:

 Couldn't get my camera to take any decent pics w/o flash so I did these instead. Next up is the 'Late Night Puppet Slam' which I went to last year and had an absolute blast at.  I'll update later w/ hopefully some more video.

Update:  Only a little video.  They didn't allow video or pics so I shut it off.  Honestly I was really disappointed in the show this year.  Nowhere near as entertaining as last year and they threw in a bunch of politics. Really soured the evening.  Short clip before I shut the camera off.

Some pics of my new dice tower:

Really nice woodworking, paint, and felting.  The drawbridge is removable and stays in place using a few small magnets as shown above. I'm looking forward to breaking this in at the next game session.

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