Sunday, April 12, 2015

Know Your Opponents Pt II: IEA

We know the Joyce Foundation made their grant lists disappear some time ago and I showed how 'Citizen Action' keeps its anti-gun activities as quiet as they can.  It seems to be a trend. 

On October 31st, 2014 the Illinois PAC for Education, the PAC for the Illinois Education Assoc., dropped $20,000 into the fund to endorse rabidly anti-gun candidates in Illinois. In their Legislative Platform, gun control is buried under the general heading of "Safe Learning Environment" in between dealing w/ violent students and truancy instead of their 'Gun Violence Prevention' section that deals w/ 'Code Red':
A ban on the sale to the public of military and auto loading firearms with a capacity of 112 firing 10 rounds or more from a single clip. In addition, the Association supports legislation to ban the manufacture and sale of look - alike guns.
Significant penalties for criminal actions involving t he use of guns or other weapons.  Restrictions, including a mandatory waiting period to allow background checks for felony convictions or mental illness, on the manufacture, distribution, and/or sale of handguns in order t o assure a safer school environment.
Now what's funny is that those who profess to be educators and are in charge of the mandatory theft of money from teachers under 'Fair Share' don't even know there's ALREADY a 72hr waiting period on handguns in Illinois.  There's also a 'Task Force' to coordinate w/ other anti-gun groups and discuss 'Gun Safety' buried among the many others. There are NO links or updates on related bills on their 'Legislative' page.

They certainly don't want many people to know where their money is really going when they support 'education' or 'teachers', do they?

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Anonymous said...

"firearms with a capacity of 112 firing 10 rounds or more from a single clip."

Does anyone have any idea as to what that means?

Motor-T said...

"firearms with a capacity of firing 10 rounds or more"

So, they're advocating for 9rd magazines?

Crustyrusty said...

The IEA is the main reason I left the secondary education program at ISU back in the day. The hooligan children didn't help, either, but that's another story.

Archer said...

@Anonymous 4/12 2:57 pm:
The "112" refers to the line number; the lines of text are numbered for reference, like a legal brief or court decision would be. When you copy/paste from the document, it puts the "112" right there.