Thursday, April 9, 2015

Know Your Enemies

Just like when the Joyce Foundation used to list their grant recipients showing that they were funding most of the anti-gun activism in the US, looking at the money can teach you many things.  The other day I posted an article about the Gun Violence Prevention PAC in Illinois facing a lawsuit for not paying their bills.  Thanks to GSL, their lists are much more interesting than previously thought. 

They seem to have two separate PAC's.  One the G-PAC and the other the GPAC 'Independent Expenditure'  operating out of the same place.  THAT seems to be where the big money is hidden.  The first one has a handful of donations in the $250-$1k range from various people mostly in the burbs and Chicago.  The second.. Oh the second... makes it interesting.

3rd quarter '14, one guy dropped $80k into them. 

4th Quarter of '14, State Sen's. Heather Steans, Dan Kotowski, and Don Harmon all dropped $25k into it.  Methinks they're paid too much but they're the 'usual suspects'  .  The Illinois Education Assoc. (Illinois PAC for Education) and Western Suburb Teachers Union put in $22,500. 

This one caught my eye: Citizen Action dropped $100K into it.  Never heard of them so I looked them up.  Their header: Leading the way in the fight for the progressive agenda  You pretty much know what to expect from that.  Interestingly enough, they have nothing on gun control in their issues page or their 2014 report. The only place I found anything was in their 2015 Chicago politician questionairre. Seems $100k isn't really an 'issue' to them.

The biggest 'expenditures' were $80K to one person for 'mailing' and $230K to a media group.  They finished up the year w/ only about $4k in the bank. The 'consultant' Kathleen Sances is getting about $2500/month from each 'PAC' so she's raking in over $5k a month. Not a bad gig.

Once again proving that 'gun control' has very little in the way of 'grassroots' and is mostly funded by a few rich elites and 'progressive' organizations. 

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