Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Reality of Shootings

Most involve criminals either directly or indirectly.  Take a look at this headline from the Brady FB page:
If you read the comments by the ignorati, it's all about racism (a white wouldn't have been charged) or stupid NRA members. I don't think a single one actually read the article.  This is the reality:
In 2003, Biles pleaded guilty to felony charges for forgery and received 18 months probation, court records show.
Felon in possession. And the boyfriend?
Police said the gun the children used belonged to Jeffery Williams, 34, of the 1100 block of South Harding Avenue. Williams, who was paroled in January after receiving a 30-month sentence for drug charges, was arrested Friday, according to police and Illinois Department of Correction records.
That doesn't fit the narrative so none of it will be mentioned. 

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