Wednesday, March 5, 2014

IGOLD 2014: We Are Not Going Away

Getting ready to head out to Springfield, IL for our annual march on the capitol. Updates throughout the day.

Met up w/ David (also an OGRE player) and Colleen Lawson of McDonald et al v Chicago. They are now the proprietors of Lawson Handgun Institute in Chicago.

More IGOLD insurrectionists:
Mike Neely introducing the panel:

ISRA 2nd VP reciting the pledge.
Singer Ronnie Lee and ISRA 2nd vp Weisman singing the natl anthem.

ISRA ED Richard Pearson:  We are NOT going away. We've won 10 lawsuits for gun rights w/ 4 or 5 more in the works.
My State Sen Dale Righter: If you care, Quinn has got to go.
 State Treas/Gov Candidate Rutherford:

 State Sen/Gov Candidate Bill Brady:

 State Sen/ /Gov Candidate Kirk Dillard:

Rutherford's talk wasn't bad. He emphasized he's been coming to IGOLD for the last 8 years and was the only state officer (Treasurer) that has showed. Brady and Dillard spent most of their time at the podium sniping at the other gov. candidates guaranteeing I won't vote for either one in the primary on the 18th.  I don't know why Rauner wasn't there. 

State Rep Brandon Phelps who got us CCW:  Not a great bill but better than what they pushed and we're working to get it better.
 Valinda Rowe of Illinois Carry:  I've retired my comb and tongue depressor and replaced them w/ a CCW license and a 9mm.
Todd Vandermyde: Lobbyist
No blood in the street, only snow and salt after CCW
Get out and vote
It's only about registration until it's about confiscation
1.million to 1.67 million FOID card increase

 John Boch: GSL Pres.  If you see a Mom Demanding Action, don't remind them their family tree probably resembles a wreath. 
More updates after the march/when I get home.

Prepping for the march at the Prairie Capitol Convention Center.

 The march.

 GSL Youth Corps. 
 Not everyone is happy about the CCW bill.

 Attendance was about 40% of previous years.  Not surprising being that the primary incentive, CCW was achieved last session.  Some more prominent figures were unable to attend due to inescapable work conflicts or health issue yet still the number of volunteers and workers alone outnumbered anti-gun 'protests' 10-1 (post on that maybe tomorrow). I didn't get to talk to any of my reps/senators due to them doing what we pay them for.  They know who I am and know I will contact them when I need to.  I did get to spend a lot of quality time w/ friends and other gun nuts from across the state.

Random thoughts that went through my head.  If gun owners were really as violent as anti-gun fanatics need to believe we are, you'ld think that a regiment sized group of people marching towards one state capitol would end up in some sort of violence.  I mean hell, the Soviets, I mean Russians, invaded the entire Crimea region w/ 15K or so troops. 

Livestreaming of some of the speeches here

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Sebastian said...

How was the turnout? I hope IL gun owners don't stand down now that they've gotten 3/4 of the pie. That 1/4 is still left!

Thomas said...

Where was Bruce Rauner, I am concerned that he is pro assault weapons ban. did he give a reason for his no show?

Unknown said...

I was there, sorry I missed ya but after the march I had to head back to work, my boss is a slave driver......

lee n. field said...

Sebastian, turnout was visibly lower. Not the swarming crowd there was last year. We didn't have the manifest injustice of being the last state with no carry to motivate us, that we did last year. Still a respectable showing.

Thirdpower -- I'm the guy with the Starbucks coffee that chatted with you briefly as we watched Tom Schaffer rouse the rabble before the parade started marching

Anonymous said...

I came home from IGOLD to find out my FCCL had been approved. Now I'm just waiting for the mailman to deliver it.