Friday, June 20, 2014

.@ShannonRWatts Says This Doesn't Happen

Via Bearingarms.

An Idaho man says that his concealed handgun likely saved his life and kept his daughter from being kidnapped.
“I turned around and there was a guy that was sneaking up on me…probably about 15 feet behind me and he asked me if I had any money,” said Broyles.
Broyles obtained an Idaho concealed weapons permit in 2014. He said he pulled out his gun.
“I pushed my daughter back, pulled out my weapon, cocked it and aimed it at him,” said Broyles.
Daughter protected. No shots fired.  None of this will be mentioned by anti-gun advocates since noone was killed, the way they prefer. Bloomie's group doesn't even have a criminal's name to add to their bus.

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