Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Champaign Surplus Bans Guns

Champaign Surplus, AKA "Overpriced Camping Gear 'R US" has a small, dusty room in the back w/ 'Surplus' at twice the price you can get it through Sportsmans Guide, Ebay or pretty much anywhere else. The rest of the store is filled w/ hyper-expensive, namebrand camping gear.

Via GSL comes this photo:


So they sucked before, now they suck even more.

Feel free to send them an email or call:

+1 877 480 HIKE(4453)



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lee n. field said...

Can you get actual surplus there anymore? There website comes up with nothing in those categories.

I remember, way back in the day, a de-mil-ed Lahti anti tank gun on display there.

It's been well over 20 years since we left CU, and years before that that I'd bothered to step foot in there.

Thirdpower said...

Last time I went they had the same stuff you could get from SG but costing twice and a few shelves of misc. uniform pieces in oddball sizes.

Don't remember if they still had the AT gun as all that was going through my mind was WTF.

Hat Trick said...

Been about ten years since I was there. The AT gun was up on a high shelf in the NE corner of store.
They were a great store when I was a kid and they were in the old location just west of the train station.