Tuesday, June 17, 2014

BATFE: Gun Advocates Arming Chicago Gangs

“It remains constant from year to year that about 40 percent of the crime guns recovered in the City of Chicago come from Illinois, and about 20 percent come from Indiana. The core mission of the Crime Gun Center is to identify these shooters, or these ‘three percenters,’ and the traffickers that sell them guns and get them off our streets,” said Carl Vasilko, ATF Special Agent in Charge.
See, now here's the rub,  'three percenters' (or threepers) are, in gun vernacular, a more uncompromising, absolutist element of the firearm rights advocacy movement. So is Agent Vasilko claiming that people like Kurt Hoffman and David Codrea are smuggling guns?  

In a sense, yes.  A report leaked from the 'New York State Intelligence Center' plays 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' to try and connect the Oath Keepers, 'Three Percenters', and Mike Vanderboegh to the actions of the Miller shooters and other 'far right extremists'.  As usual, they use references from the anti-gun, left leaning ADL and SPLC as their sources.

So are we witnessing the beginning of a smear campaign against firearms rights advocates, attempting to relabel them as criminals and domestic terrorists?  It certainly wouldn't surprise me.

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Rob Crawford said...

These "fusion centers" seem to have been set up to specifically peddle these lies. Almost as if the administration makes sure they get staffed with people more interested in using law enforcement against political opponents than in dealing with terrorism.

TigerStripe said...

Apparently, the New York Intelligence Center doesn't know what a conspiracy is. I believe they are confusing conspiracy with the popular definition of conspiracy theory. I don't think the "far right" is involved in a conspiracy to seize privately owned firearms. One could argue that the left or "far left" is however...