Saturday, May 3, 2014

War On Women...

by women who don't like guns.

Did you know that a woman who wants to defend herself and/or supports firearm rights hates police and 14 yr old girls and want them to be killed using '50 caliber Barrett Assault Rifles'? 

That's about all you can take out of this misogynistic bit of rambling incoherency.  Read some of the statements:
How do we carry our guns in our garter belts without an unsightly bulge?
Or tuck a derringer in the small of our backs without detracting from our derrieres

 If the past is any guide, leggy models in skimpy apparel will strut down the runway with lacy holsters and plastic handguns.
Some nice bits of sexist stereotyping, isn't there? And it's written by a woman.

No comments allowed. Shock.

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Robert Fowler said...

That's a lot of butthurt in one small article.

joethefatman said...

But the gun motif can be elegantly worked into the tramp stamp design and make the gun almost invisible.