Sunday, April 27, 2014

OGRE 'Archaic' Armor, Revetments, and Gaming

Between not attending the NRA AM and various 'Powers' going all hormonal (making me cancel on some visitors :( ), I managed to get over to a friend's house for some mini-painting and gaming this weekend.  One thing I always liked about OGRE Miniatures was their rules for 'Archaic' armor and 'Militia' allowing one to use other 1/285th scale minis in the game although at a much reduced capability.

Over the years I've picked up an odd assortment of minis I liked including some WWII German Trucks and Panther tanks. The trucks got turned into 'Technicals' and the Panthers painted in a standard WWII German camo pattern. Just for kicks, I bought a selection of Soviet era CinC minis and some 'Revetments' to add flavor. The Soviet armor included 3 T-72 tanks, 4 ZSU-4-23 AA tanks, 6 BTR-70's and 6 BMP-1's. Here's a pic of assembly w/ an OGRE-thulu and Mk IIIB in the background.

Assembled and being painted:

The fully painted (simple green motif) minis w/ revetments (fyi, the smaller revetments were based off mealworms)
And the whole modest collection:

  The game went well (for me).  MkV attack.  W/ a center placed CP, he placed his two howitzers on the far sides of the board allowing me to avoid one for most of the game.  He also had his forward forces split allowing me to avoid many of them.  Lucky rolls took out most of his GEV's but he reduced my guns fairly quickly.  Not quickly enough though as I rolled over his CP w/ 2 movement still available.

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