Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Family That Murders Together Goes To Jail Together

I was debating making the title of this 'Just One More Law' or 'Streetlight' McCarthy Eats Crow' but went with this instead.

Yesterday I posted on the Endia Martin murder, how the Uncle had not only given the shooter the gun but went w/ her to help murder the other girl, and how Chicago Police Sup. McCarthy blamed 'lax gun laws'.

Turns out the gun used wasn't stolen from a car.  Instead the owner allegedly sold it illegally (Chicago requires a handgun license) and then filed a false police report claiming it was stolen.  The aunt of the shooter also went along for the shooting (as well as numerous others armed w/ various weapons) then another friend (a 17yr old) tried to dispose of the gun while running from police.

Update addition:  The paralyzed, gang connected Uncle also broke the law on guns on public transportation by riding the CTA to deliver the gun to his niece.

Since I wrote that post, there have been near a dozen additional shootings in the city. 

There is no law on the books that would have stopped these people.  They knew they were committing crimes (from making false reports to murder) and didn't care.  Registration, 'safe storage', licensing, lost and stolen mandates.... All on the books in Chicago and they still deliberately broke the laws.

So obviously one more would make a difference.  Yeah, that makes sense.

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Anonymous said...

Chicago doesn't require a handgun license any more. Just a foid.

Sigivald said...

Those 'numerous others' who went along should all be charged with murder under the Felony Murder Rule, I reckon.

Ain't gonna happen, I'm sure.

But if it did, we wouldn't see things like that happening.