Monday, March 31, 2014

Media Bias: Criminal Minds

I've talked about the bias against firearms on this show several times.  Since it's the series on queue that the other half and I are currently watching, I've gotten the chance to find more.  This one is from Season 6: Hanley Waters. A distraught and mentally disturbed woman goes to a gun shop to buy a gun. The owner tells her that without a license or carry permit, she has to wait 72 hours to get the gun.  Then he puts an application in front of her, leaving her and the handgun alone. 

Florida has no handgun licensing that I'm aware of but that's minor compared to the next bit. 

She loads the gun and blows away the owner and all the customers.  Cut to BAU headquarters:

Computer person does a victim check.  The owner and all the customers are described as middle-aged white men, divorced, with anger issues and histories of violence.  She tries to find .38 revolvers through a gun registry and finds 'hundreds' that meet their profile.  Florida has no registration. She then goes on a rant
Penelope Garcia: Florida's a stand-your-ground state.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Castle Doctrine based on English common law that allows homeowners to use deadly force to protect their land.
Penelope Garcia: Yeah, it's a highfalutin way of saying that the gun laws are lax at best. After the 2008 elections, the Floridians were nervous about losing their second amendment rights, and gun sales shot through the roof, pun intended.
So we have demonization/stereotyping of firearm owners through negative portrayals, attacks/commentary on pro-gun laws that had nothing to do w/ the case at hand, and even some Obama propaganda added into the mix. 

Gotta love it.

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Erin Palette said...

As a Florida resident I can confirm that our state has neither handgun licensing nor a registry.

Thirdpower said...

But they SHOULD, then Gov't hackers can go in and solve any crime in 45 min.

joethefatman said...

That's why I don't watch Tee Vee

Robert Fowler said...

In a touch of irony, Joe Mantegna is a rather well known competition shooter. The 1911 he carries on the show is his personal weapon.

.45ACP+P said...

Everything teh nation knows about gunlaws are based on the utopian laws in New York and California where the ignorant screen writers live. They usually do not know their own laws but project what they would like upon the rest of us anyway.

Angus McThag said...

There are life-long Floridians who don't know that Florida has no registration.

It came up doing notary work for a friend and getting his step-brother's estate settled.

They (friend's step sister and husband) didn't know what to do about the guns because they didn't know who to contact about transferring the registration.

Greg Tag said...

I think you might be incorrect in your assessment.

I have watched the show a good deal, and am ever alert for bias. They do get some of the technical stuff wrong, asking in one episode set in Carrollton, Texas if the gun was registered, or somesuch silliness. We have no registration, or owner licensing in Texas.

I dont really see much bias.

Garcia's rant is her rather ascerbic comment, alone. I believe it comes from her character -lefty, fairly weird, computer geek who voted for Obama, and not working as a mouthpiece for the shows directors or producers.

Case in point, in another episode, a private citizen with a rifle sniped the bad guy before he could kill the victim.

My thoughts

Thirdpower said...

And how did the show portray that 'Private Citizen'? As racist, misogynist and anti-government. "BUT THEY'RE MILITIA!!!!"

I'll admit it's not constant but the bias is there.

Greg Tag said...

Hmm.. I saw the private citizen as a hero, committed to "traditional values", indeed anti-government in a good way, and no hint of racist.

As for militia comments, since I have read the Militia Act, I would respond, appropriately, "yes we are".

Anyway, that's my take - yours is obviously different. Thats what makes newspaper opinion pages and horseraces.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

The script writers for that show are sick people, and it looks to me as if the purpose of Criminal Minds is to infect the minds of potential murderers.

Dennis said...

Yes, Joe Mantegna, is pro-gun. he even hosts the show Gun Stories.

My wife and I recently watched en episode of Chicago PD.... They were looking for a suspect, a rather bad guy, and they tracked him to a gun show(in Rosemont IL). The wanted man walked out of the gun show holding the uncased AK that he just purchased. Must be the gun show loop hole that the looney left losers keep talking about.

Anyway, you're very rarely going to get a fair shake from network TV fiction. Maybe a little bit more then you get from their "news". You either have to stop watching TV or just deal with it.

Rob Crawford said...

They're actors and script writers. If they could get jobs that exist outside of fantasy, they would.