Sunday, March 30, 2014

.@CSGV's 'Well Regulated Militias"

Ladd Everitt and his cohort of statist fanatics have called for the restriction of firearms in civilian hands and any 'militias' to be under strict government control.  Kind of like in Venezuela:
Similar shootings across Venezuela by gunmen allied with the socialist-led government have claimed at least seven lives and left more than 30 people wounded since the anti-government protests began in mid-February...
 President Nicolas Maduro has done nothing to publicly discourage the violence by armed pro-government militants, loosely known as "colectivos," which are also blamed for scores more cases of beatings and intimidation in multiple cities...
At the latter gathering, Vice President Jorge Arreaza told his guests, "If there has been exemplary behavior it has been the behavior of the motorcycle colectivos that are with the Bolivarian revolution." 
Government approved terrorism is just fine.  Peaceable protests are 'insurrectionism'.

That's the gun control way.

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