Saturday, March 1, 2014

Gun Show Weekend

Budget is a bit tight right now so I'm going to limit my purchases today to guns, knives, .308 & .223 dies, shell holders, batteries for the calipers, a case trimmer, walnut media, primers, bullets, brass and a rabbit fur-lined cod piece with a Swastika on it.

Oh yeah, and I'm down to my last 8 bricks of .22lr so I'll be on the look out for that too.

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James said...

Your purchasing priorities seem sensible.

I finally gave up on my battery fed caliper as I've spent 3x in batteries than what I paid for the caliper originally 3+ years ago. I bought a mechanical dial last week and it's just as fast and accurate.

Please post the pic of the cod piece when you acquire it. I am interested.

kaveman said...

Ya, I was a bit torn about the digital calipers(which I got for free) and the pure mechanical ones. So I do what I normally do in these situations; I now have both. I found a battery pack of 10 for $4 and then bought mechanical calipers. I also learned that the reason digital calipers eat batteries is that you have to remove the battery when not in use.