Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mom's Demanding 'Action' Don't Understand 'Concealed'

The adult dating site while whining about the new CCW law:
“If I see someone carrying a gun in public, in a store, how do I know if they have a permit or not?” Chen said. “Unless they paste their permit on their sleeve, it’s hard to tell a criminal from a law-abiding ‘good guy’ with a gun.”
Well for one, if they're not trying to rob you or the store while pushing their shopping cart and picking up a package of Doritos, you probably have nothing to worry about.  But we all know that's not really the issue, this is:
“I will definitely avoid patronizing a store that refused to post the sign,” Decraene said. “I want to feel safe while I’m shopping.”
It's got nothing to do w/ ACTUAL safety, it's her 'feeling' safe that's important and what MDA thinks laws should be based on.

And their supporters are just as stupid.
I say you should prove it. No one can tell. You can say anything. People should be able to feel safe while shopping or running errand.
Prove what you idiot? License holders have already 'proven' to the police that they haven't committed any crimes, are mentally stable, and have jumped through all the other hoops demanded to get the license in the first place.  Why should anyone have to 'prove' anything to you or any of your ilk? And again  the 'feel safe' routine.  I don't 'feel' safe w/ you being allowed to vote or breed.  I think you should have to 'prove' you're competent to do either.

It's OK.  We understand that to you, all firearm owners are stupid, knuckle-dragging 'untermenschen' and you would have no problems w/ uniformed authorities saying to us 'papieren bitte'.

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Phssthpok said...

I'm a bit of an open carry 'activist' insomuch as I actually, you know.. open carry as I go about my daily routine. I don't carry at people...I just do my thing

I cannot even begin to count the times I've had anti-types go out of their way to accost me for no other reason than to inform me of just how frightened my gun makes them feel.

Ponder that one for a moment.

Archer said...

It's amazing how they just refuse to get it.

"Feeling safe" is a state of mind. I can choose to obsess over every possible danger and hazard I face every day and turn into a quivering wreck of nerves and paranoia.

Or, I can choose to accept that life is not and will never be 100% safe and that real living (as opposed to "just surviving") is worth taking some chances, and go about my day like a normal human being.

I, like most human beings, choose the latter. The Demanding Moms choose the former and have the gall to try to remove the latter as an option, to make themselves "feel safer" by forcing everyone else to sink to their level.

RogerVTranfaglia said...

Open carry,only if its loaded! Concealed DEFINITLY!!!!!!!