Monday, February 24, 2014

A Nation of Men, Not Laws

In DC, the same prosecutor who declined to charge media pundit Gregory for illegally having a 30 rnd magazine, on television, is throwing the book at a guy for having a single, spent, shotgun shell

These are the types of actions taken in the cause of 'safety' and 'common-sense' gun laws.  Is it any wonder we distrust any and all attempts to pass more laws?

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Formynder said...

Even worse, in the latest article on it by Emily Miller the police chief was told that the round was inert due to the primer being punched, and his response was something like: "I'm not a technical guy, I don't care, we still consider that to be a functional round."

It makes me want to pull the engine out of his car and then tell him that I still consider his car to be functional.

RogerC said...

Absolutely ridiculous. I live in the UK where the firearms laws are *ridiculously* strict, and even here the law would see no problem with me possessing musket balls or spent cartridges without a licence.

Hell, as a kid I lived next a field which had been used as a boot camp in WWII. We used to spend summer days hunting for spent bullets and cartridges from the old firing range and nobody thought it odd. I had a pretty good collection for a while.

This type of selective prosecution has to be politically motivated.