Wednesday, May 22, 2013

IL CCW Sh!t Sandwich

SB2193 Amend 1

Basically a 'No Carry Shall Issue' bill that strips Chicago/Cook County of their gun bans.

According to John Boch, GSL President:
 If we decline his offer, the Speaker is going to stuff a Kwame-endorsed may issue law up our rear ends, without any lube, and move on.   Madigan’s done “playing around” on the issue and will let the chips fall where they may as there are bigger issues among the low-information voters in Illinois.  No, not pensions.  Instead, gay marriage, gambling, legalizing marijuana, to name a few.
 From an ICHV Email:
This is not a “May” issue bill and there is no local control over who gets a permit.  SB 2193 Amendment #1 not only is a “shall” issue bill, but it would overturn every gun regulation that home rule communities already have in statute, including Cook County’s Assault Weapons Ban, Calumet Park, Chicago, Cicero and Highland Parks reporting of lost or stolen ordinances and the Chicago responsible Gun Owners Ordinance. Your community would have NO input on who can carry in public!
Basically everyone gets screwed.

I hate this f*cking state.

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Old NFO said...

Sucks to be y'all... And it's going to get worse!

Miguel said...

Damn.... Damn.... this is a joke. If they tried this shit in Florida, there would not be a Legislature standing by the end of the day.

Matthew said...


It's fixable by simple majority. Reads a lot like Alaska's original "shall-issue" law from '94 in fact and we know how that turned out.

The public transportation is the big novelty POA, the rest is more-or-less boilerplate restrictions from the early '90s shall-issue wave which the various states that had/have them keep pecking away at session by session.

Your Correspondent said...

Having been an Illinois gun owner and activist for four decades, this bill is two things:
Not very good at all.
Much better than I ever dreamed we'd see in this God-forsaken place.
Just the pre-emption alone is priceless far beyond any carry permits. Smashing the Daleys in the mouth with exploding their Chicago Firearms Permit and various gun bans is beautiful spectacle of the highest degree.
Okay, it's just a happy byproduct of the internecine wars between the Combine titans, but it's still happy.
As a carry bill, well, it was going to take almost forever to get a decent one, and forever's still a long time.

Geodkyt said...

Posted over at Sebastians:

Pre-emption is the critical point (Clauswitzian Center of gravity) in this phase of the offensive.

Hitting preemption is like a SEAD mission or counter-force strike, allowing followup strikes the ability to succeed at much lower cost and higher probabilities of victory.

Keep your eye on the ball -- eliminating the Chicago Veto for guns is more important than any particular restrictive issue or carry wording.