Monday, May 20, 2013

Questions That Need To Be Asked

So today in a rigged IL State Senate Committee hearing, a Magazine Ban was introduced to a crappy CCW bill.  Trotted out as props for the ban were several Sandy Hook victim families.

So here's a few questions.

Why were non-Illinois residents allowed to testify in an Illinois committee regarding a bill effecting Illinois while actual Illinois residents are regularly extremely limited or denied?

Who paid for them to come to Illinois and who is paying for their expenses?

Are these lobbying expenses going to be on those tax forms?  (as if it matters to our IRS)

Update: And how did an amendment which received public opposition of near 100:1 against (753-8 exactly) still make it out of committee?

I'm sure none of these questions will ever get answered but they should be.

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BigHayden said...

Same here in NJ. Newtown parents were transported in to testify on bills that affect NJ residents. We asked the same questions here and still have not seen any responses...

Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

In Delaware as well......