Monday, November 4, 2013

Why I Oppose 'Universal Background Check' Laws

Beyond the fact that only .01% of prohibited persons are prosecuted is this...

It will never be 'enough'.  Take a look at this article claiming the usual panacea of UBC's (using BS claims from the Brady Bunch) and how unreasonable, robot-like, and in denial we gun people are for opposing such a common-sense measure. 

Why won't we just 'compromise'? 


In Illinois, we've had UBC's for years in the form of the FOID card.  Yet that hasn't stopped the anti's for pushing for even more.  They fought for years for ALL sales to go through FFL dealers (while at the same time trying to shut down as many FFL's as they could) and finally got a 'voluntary', watered down version following the passage of the CCW bill.  It hasn't stopped them from trying to ban semi-autos, magazines, CCW, etc. It hasn't stopped them from trying to push additional licensing for handguns, registration of all firearms, 'safe storage' or any other myriad of laws they think might stick if they throw it against the wall.

They will never stop trying to pass more so-called 'reasonable', 'common-sense' laws which offer nothing to firearm owners in return and which only effect those who aren't currently criminals to begin with.

I will not give them another nibble of my 'cake' no matter how many blood drenched diatribes they post or how many times I'm called a baby killer by those who choose to give the state total power of life and death.

Not another bite.

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Weer'd Beard said...

Massachusetts also has the FID/LTC Universal Background checks.

We have lots of crime, and lots of calls to ban the "Gun Show loophole" et al.

Unknown said...

Not one more inch!