Wednesday, November 6, 2013

G&A's Metcalf Officially Zumboed

A 'Gun Owner Butt..." who got his kicked out the door:

Guns & Ammo official reponse
Via 'The Bang Switch'

All this ignorant @ss did is give ammo to the anti's.  "See?  See?  Even prominent gun people support our restrictions!!!" There's even a couple of trolls on the linked forum trying to defend anti-gun policies.  Good riddance to him.

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Braden Lynch said...

I was going to write a rebuttal, especially for his idiotic comment about the misunderstanding of "well regulated" as an allowance to pass a ton of laws and restrictions on gun ownership. He was ignorant regarding the proper use of the term at the time to mean "well trained" and effective as the obvious true meaning.

Also, the simple fact that there is no prior restraints with most of our Bill of Rights. We do not need a training class or prior approval before writing an op-ed or going to our church. The same with firearms. The only restrictions that should be in place is where the other rights of a citizen are being restricted by due process such as with someone in legal custody. Otherwise, free men need only fear legal retaliation for misdeeds, but should not be restricted by the state in advance in case they might break a law.

Anonymous said...

He was already on his way out. He was retiring in January. He knew that this would be his final editorial and this was how he chose to end his career. He said precisely what he had always kept in his cold dark heart.

Old NFO said...

Too little too late... IMHO...