Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mosin Twins Cleanup Day 1

There are others who have done much more intensive reconditionings of M44's than I but this is my endeavor so.... 

Today I disassembled the 1955 build of the two.

It took a high torque drill to get the bayonet screw off but the others were easier.  There was a lot more crud on/in it that I originally thought.  Whoever unboxed it cleaned the cosmoline out of the barrel and off the outside but that was it. Even the magazine had a thick coat. Thankfully there was a lot less rust than I thought though. Some 0000 steel wool took any spots off and there were only two areas where it was pitted, neither of which are critical.

I don't plan on stripping/refinishing the stock so I cleaned it off w/ hot water and some dish detergent to get off all the oils/dirt.  Tomorrow, I'm going to treat it w/ a lemon oil wood preservative, disassemble/clean the bolt assembly and start on the 1956.    

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