Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gun Show AAR: EBR's and Ammo

The panic buying was somewhat less than it was at the show I was at the end of last month.  Erin Morelands guns of Ramsey, IL sold the first AR in 15 min. after the doors opened.  Most of the dealers were light on firearms (especially EBR's) and ammo by the end of Sunday.  Prices were still high but not stupidly high like I saw earlier in the month. Several dozen new ISRA and NRA members were signed up as well.

For me, the items that moved like mad were toy soldiers.  Many miniature wars will be fought over the next few days. I also traded my RIA 1911a1 and some ammo for a Baretta 92 and some ammo.   Because of Illinois' stupid 72hr waiting period, I'll be picking it up next weekend when I'm back down in that area.

One of my biggest highlights were several DOOT readers who came by to tell me how much they enjoy reading my rants.  Well, there's no accounting for taste. ;)

And of course endless talk about what's up next in DC and Springfield and how they're going to try and screw gun owners. 

Even though I had to fight through a cold the whole time, it was a good weekend overall.

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Rob Crawford said...

Wait. They have miniatures at gun shows?! How long has this been going on?

drjim said...

Ah, yes....tons of Little Green Army Men for planning your ops on the topo map board!