Thursday, January 31, 2013

Glad To Be A Prepper

Power was out for 36 hours starting night before last. Now yeah, that's not a 'real' long time but when you're getting below freezing nights and you have an independent water supply, it makes a difference.

While there was no TV ( :) ) or Net (:( ), we were nice and toasty w/ plenty of food, water and light w/o even having to hook up the generator (a laborious process, working on improving it) or take any extreme measures. We had it all available.  Just like camping.

We were lucky, this is what happened to some neighbors of ours:

Ashmore Storm Damage 01/30/13 (5)

Just FYI, there used to be a 4th story to this building.

Crews worked night and day and night to get the power back on. W/ the recent rain, the dozens of cherry-pickers were buried axel deep in mud putting up the dozens of poles that were taken down by the wind sheer, being moved from place to place by tractors and back-hoes.

So DOOT is back up and I'll spend the next day or so catching up on things.

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Anonymous said...

Jeez! What the hell happened??

chiefjaybob said...

Yikes. Keep that nasty crap down by you.

Erin Palette said...

Was that Winter Storm Luna, or something else?

Thirdpower said...

It was believed to be a straight line wind. Tore the crap out of the area. Kind of like a tornado.