Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fake Gun Control Numbers

Headline: Thousands march for gun control in Washington.

The only aerial shot that TBFKASIH can find shows maybe a few hundred (a dismal turnout for a DC event).

The photo shown on Fox of the march in PA: (Note the sign on the left)

 Gun Show Assault Weapon.jpg

Yet when the few newspapers report on Pro-gun rallies like IGOLD, they report 5k-7k people as a 'few hundred'.

The only way they can win is through ignorance and lies.

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Old NFO said...

Are you really surprised by this? I'm not, typical MSM playing to/covering the administration... and spontaneous? My ass...

Rob Reed said...

Hey, this is Rob Reed (Trebor) from the GRPC in Chicago and WorldCon.

I can't find your card or contact info on the blog.

Can you send me an e-mail to trebor1415 at

Just got something I want to talk to you about


Rob (Trebor)